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Even as we mentioned above, Scott Yancey originally rose to fame as star of the A&E TV show “Flipping Vegas,” which follows him and his wife Amie (a designer by trade and prolific real estate agent in her very own right) around the city as they buy, renovate, and then sell different homes for profit. Currently, the show is in its fifth season (on air since 2011).

Before becoming a reality TV personality, Scott was involved with real-estate at a very early age. In reality, he purchased a second deed of trust for a home mortgage when he was just 14, and became an athlete for real-estate attorney Walter J. Plumb III while in college.

Although he's lived in Las Vegas since 1994, it wasn't until 2008 that Scott founded his real-estate brokerage and investment firm Goliath Company, which “centers on investment properties buy and hold approach,” including retail department stores Las Vegas, NV, Provo, UT, and Tempe, AZ.

How about Scott Yancey's seminars, though? We'd an original opportunity to go to one, take some notes, and speak with the man himself, that will be what we'll discuss next.

On the basis of the number of comments from customers here on HighYa (we'll talk more about any of it in a second), Scott Yancey reviews and his team invited us out to 1 of these seminars in January 2016, with the goal of giving us a much better concept of what they're exactly about, what their attendees experience, and more. We'll cover a few of the highlights in this section.

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